Golden Restoration

Restore – to bring back into existence, use or the like; reestablish; to bring back to a place of health, soundness and vigor.

I recently revisited a Strength Finders test that I took a couple of years ago and was reminded that one of my top 5 strengths is Restorative…a sweet little reminder for me after completing my most recent design project/style shoot. In my Living Life Like It’s Golden Style Shoot, I focused on renewing and restoring items. Almost all my decor came from thrift stores and were ‘brought back to a place of vigor’. One particular piece stood out as extra special to me. I found an old window at the SmArt Store (which stands for Scrap Made Art – a super fun place to look for goodies). Instead of going the usual route of only distressing or of restoring to white, I thought that it would be cool to make it gold. First, the old paint had to be removed.

After a couple of layers of Citris Strip, the window was just about ready for  paint.

The final product!! For an added touch, I stenciled four words that make every marriage strong.  This window can be used to adorn a sign-in table, cake table or even a head table. Here, it is combined with a gold, gift card box that I caught at TJ Maxx.

A window left to itself, restored to a golden glory. This project was beyond fun! Next up, a couple more ways to live Golden!

Photographer: Roland’s Photography

Linen: Graceful Tables

Draping: Visual Elements

  • Tanza Cooper - The renewed window is beyond gorgeous! You did an amazing job!

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