Headshot - FrenzelThe spark that ignited my love for planning was lit in the early 1990’s while attending college. It was there that I assisted in the planning and implementation of events for hundreds of prospective students and their parents during the university’s orientations. Working under a wise and savvy boss, my responsibilities increased with each passing term and the Event Planning fire began to burn. I was privileged to work in that office for over four years. Upon receiving a degree in English and subsequent certification to teach in secondary schools, my planning concentration shifted from Event Planning to lesson planning. For almost five years, I taught English to seventh, ninth, tenth and eleventh graders. My classes were seasoned with my love for drama and a gift for creative expression. Once I had my first child, I focused on being a stay-at-home mom. While caring for my first and then second child, the deep love for Event Planning burned brightly again. Before long, EPIPHANY EVENTS was born!

Following a divinely-laid plan, I ventured into business and have found my true passion. Equipped and created with an inclination for planning events, I delight in “putting the pieces together”! It is my earnest desire to see each and every client, their families and friends become enlightened at the wonder and awe of a dream realized, a desire fulfilled, a VISION REVEALED!

PHOTO CREDIT: Frenzel Photography