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Inspiration comes from many sources. Let’s explore them, one epiphany after another!

What happens when you fall in love…

You feel excited and nervous at the same time. You can hardly stop thinking about the object of your love. When you see your love, yourView full post »

Decor Restore – Beauty or Beast

Who doesn’t like a little BEFORE and AFTER action?? Why else would home improvement shows garner so much attention? From one seasonView full post »

Takes the Cake

For some more golden inspiration, today’s post really takes the cake! (pun intended) Here are two looks with one cake design. BothView full post »

Golden Restoration

Restore – to bring back into existence, use or the like; reestablish; to bring back to a place of health, soundness and vigor. IView full post »

Living Life Like Its…Golden

Do you???   Live YOUR life like it’s Golden? Brides, sometimes, may not. This post is to encourage you to be yourself. While aView full post »

Ready for the Holidays?

When Brenda Odom, owner of the Award-Winning UKno Catering, asked me to do decor for her Holiday Tasting, I jumped at the chance. One,View full post »

Design DIY

FUN, FUN, FUN! Oh the joy that spray paint brings. How wonderful it is to take something and transform it with a few swishes of paint fromView full post »

Complementary Contrast – The Vision, Part 2

The Contrast continues… A good marriage knows how to ebb and flow. Those first years of marriage operate very differently from theView full post »

Complementary Contrast – The Vision

Cool grey and vibrant orange came together… Two contrasting hues sharing the same space and making each other look better.View full post »

Complementary Contrast – The Process

Contrast – opposition or juxtaposition of different forms, lines, or colors in a work of art to intensify each element’sView full post »

Those Three Special Words

A certain phrase has become increasingly popular in the world of wedding planning. We hear it in connection with many areas of our lives.View full post »

Decor Inspiration: Finding a Theme

Purpose: Going Away Party Reason: Career Move, Educational Field, Moving  from Nashville, Tennessee to Cambridge, Massachusetts DesignView full post »