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You feel excited and nervous at the same time. You can hardly stop thinking about the object of your love. When you see your love, your heart skips a beat! That is just how I felt when I fell in love……with a planter box.

As I worked through the Vision Clarification process for Stephanie and Anton’s Rustic Chic wedding, I came across a sweet, little planter box. Nestled in the $3 bin at Target, I grabbed it, bought it and took it home. Over the next few days, I tested it out with a floral display and fell deeper in love. So, that was it. I had settled on one of the focal points for one of the centerpieces! The next task, go and purchase 9 more.


There weren’t anymore. I went from one Target to the next to the next…No more planter boxes. I even called one of my assistants who lives in Murfreesboro. NO MORE PLANTER BOXES.

So, I searched for planter boxes in other places, and I found some…but they blew my budget.

What was a girl to do? I was in love with the planter box concept. I must have them. Since I couldn’t find ready-made boxes within the budget, I decided that I would make them! I mean, really, how hard can this be…right?! First stop, Home Depot.

20150513_165608See that man pictured above. He was one of the awesome men that became a part of my planter box-making journey. I bought the wood. They cut the wood. I put the wood together. I bought more wood. They cut more wood.  Trial after trial. Time after time!

Remember when you were in your math class and you wondered how all those seemingly useless digits had any significance in your real life?? That is what came to mind as I tried to figure out the correct length for each side. It was a bit of a test for this former English Teacher.

20150610_140412I finally got it together with my measurements. This is one of my sweet little boxes, with 3 sides and the bottom attached (above). Home Depot’s machines were limited in their ability to cut precisely to my specifications. Sooooo…….see that portion of wood sticking out? That had to be sanded down……on each box……by hand. (It would have been a much smoother process with an electric sander, but I didn’t have one.).

20150518_210109After building up my arm muscles, I was finally able to nail on the 4th side of the box, and I was pretty happy with myself. Those separate cuts of wood became a beautiful, square wooden box. The $3 Target planter box was puppy love compared to my love for this one!

20150608_12261020150608_123549After assembling and staining them, they became the perfect little home for a bevy of purple and creme blossoms.

StephanieAnton0581StephanieAnton0580StephanieAnton0590Alternating with other elements of creme, wood and purple, this Rustic Chic wedding was born. I had an AMAZINGLY good time creating this look. The smell of the wood every time I entered Home Depot. The feeling of an idea being formed as I glued and nailed together the wood. The power of transformation as the stain spread over the bare wood. The heart-singing delight of cutting those carnations and roses and arranging them in the planter box.

Happiness and joy!

So, now I need to buy a saw…and a sander….and a….

As you move toward the realization of your wedding day, what are some things that bring you the most joy?

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Green Door Gourmet

Photographer: Lauren Athalia Weddings

  • Crystal - Brilliantly fun blog! Captivating and thought-provoking. LOVED helping in this wedding. SOOO enjoyed it. You made it ROCK!!