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A beautiful day in June marked the ‘Finally’ moment for two of the sweetest people to come together. Stephanie, with all her beauty, grace and creativity becoming one with Anton, a distinguished man of quiet strength and great talent. The day was filled with flutters of excitement as preparations were made for a Rustic Chic Wedding at Green Door Gourmet.

A ceremony and reception run like a symphony performance. Everything leading up to that moment is the necessary preparation for a unified and pleasing experience. Just like that space of time when you hear the musicians warming up before a performance, enjoy these moments of anticipation captured by Lauren Athalia Photography. Then, tune in for the next post when the conductor steps to the platform and the harmonies begin.

Ready to see Stephanie and Anton’s special moment! Stay tuned…

In the meantime, what moment are you most looking forward to for your wedding day?

Venue: Green Door Gourmet

Photographer: Lauren Athalia Weddings

Hairstylist: Patience B. Moore

Make-Up Artist: Nikki Campbell, Blu Artistry