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It’s been over 7 years since the wonderful Allie and Brandon stood before the altar of God and said, Yes, I do and Yes, I will.  Weddings are such a fun and special celebration, marking the beginning of the grand adventure known as marriage. It has been on my mind to do a follow-up for some of my couples and Allie & Brandon graciously agreed to participate. Their answers provide true encouragement about what’s most important.

Please join me in a trip down memory lane where we see how love has grown and how lessons are learned…by couple and by planner!

Let’s start with their favorite engagement photos, shot by Roland’s Photography.

On the morning of your wedding day, what was the most important thing on your mind?

Allie: That everything started on time, stayed on schedule and that the photographer and videographer captured all the important moments.

Brandon: For everything to go smoothly and Allie not be stressed. I knew how stressed she already was and didn’t want anything to go wrong

What is your favorite memory about your wedding?

Allie: Leaving the ceremony as Mrs. Brandon Jay Williams.

Brandon: Our first dance.

ba_7284If you had to do it all over again, what would you have changed about your wedding day?

Allie: Would have made sure the videographer was outside with us while taking pictures with the photographer.

Brandon: Nothing.

It is the week before your wedding. How did you define marriage?

Allie: As a partnership with your best friend and with the person you will spend the rest of your life with building a family with.

Brandon: A never ending slumber party.

What does marriage mean to you now?

Allie: Marriage is much more than having an eternal sleepover with your best friend. It’s going to sleep and waking up, knowing that each day is different and will have its own challenges and you have to have your mind made up that no matter what, you will handle them head on with a mind to conquer them.

Brandon: Marriage is a grind and the people who are successful are the people who are committed and remember why you fell in love with that person to begin with.

What would your married-self tell your single-self?

Allie: Marriage is something that you can’t take lightly or for granted. It’s not just work, but extremely hard and taxing work.

Brandon: Do everything you can and do as much of it as possible. The same things that are important to you right now seem minuscule once you get married.

What wedding day advice can you pass on to current brides and grooms?

Allie: Enjoy this special day. It will be over before you know it. Take all the memories in.

Brandon: The day goes by so fast, so just be sure to absorb as much of that day as you can. Cut loose and have fun! Enjoy the ride!

What marriage wisdom can you grant them? (Please also use this space to add any comments that you would like to contribute!)

Allie: Marriage is a blessed thing. Please don’t go into it thinking that you have already talked about everything that could ever come up so you think you are prepared. You are never prepared for the blows marriage can throw your way. You just have to remember that you wanted to be with this person for a reason, so be determined that you will fight ever battle lovingly and respectfully. At the end of the day, you love them and it is you two against the world.

Brandon: No matter what happens, always remember THAT day and why you proposed or why you said yes. It won’t always be easy and just like people, marriages evolve. Nothing stays the same, so you have to be open to evolve with your partner. It is imperative to know who you are and what you want out of life before you decide to get married. How do you know the person that you need in your life to help take you to the next place if you yourself don’t know where you are going or what you want?


What a great display of life and love as it grows and blossoms. It is a beautiful gift. Do you know what else is a gift…children! Since that April 2009 wedding day, Allie and Brandon have had two outrageously cute children. They add a richness to their days that is undeniable.

Thank you Allie and Brandon for sharing your wedding day, your marriage wisdom and your adorable pics. Love you!!


Reception Venue: Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club

Florist: Vintage Florals

Photographer: Roland’s Photography (engagement and wedding photos only)